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Misiano Skateparks 2017™

Welcome to Misiano Skateparks! 


Thank you for visiting our webpage.  For 10 years we've been creating quality skateparks across the United States.  In 2017, the Misiano Skateparks team joined the team at New Line Skateparks, one of North America's top skatepark design/build companies.  Founder of Misiano Skateparks, Tony Misiano now serves as the  Construction Project Manager for all US operations.  We are incredibly excited to have joined the New Line Skateparks family!

Feel free to reach us by email: or visit 

Above Left - Founder, Tony Misiano plants a hand in one of our many Texas skateparks.  Photo by Kevin Lane

Above Right - Progress shot from New Richmond, WI, one of our 2016 skateparks!