Misiano Skateparks 2018™

Bayhead Skatepark, Largo FL

NOW Called " Largo Action Sports Complex".. It's grand opening is scheduled for August 17, 2013 at 11am.  Come out and skate.  375 Seminole Blvd.  7000 square feet of skate.  No fence.  Lights till 10pm.   8am-10pm.  NO pad rules... just suggestions on a sign.  

Park features include: Egg Bowl (5'-7' deep with Tedder Stone pool coping and 6" tile).

Mini Ramp (5' with 8' transitions, metal coping, 24' wide)

6 stairs with hand rail, flat bar with pole jam, rainbow rail,

Floating hubba ledge, Rail over the pyramid, Manny Pad

Granite bench, Sub Box, Mini Quarterpipe, Flythru's, 

and other hidden lines and bonus objects...  

Also featuring a 4' pool shallow end pocket with Tedder Stone and tile.

Poptart checking in on things..

Drew Hoffman of the Demon Seed crew stopped in to check the progress in Largo.  Just a few more weeks...


Largo is Our 9th Florida Skatepark!!!   This park will not have a fence and there will be lights. 

Bowl and Mini ramp are underway.  Stay tuned for updates!