Misiano Skateparks 2018™

Carrizo Springs Skatepark, Carrizo Springs TX


A new skatepark in the desert!  Carrizo Springs/Dimmit County marks the first skatepark in the I-85 area south of San Antonio.  The park was designed in phases and this phase represents the 1st effort.  The effort has been overseen by local County Grant/Planning Director, Ernesto Flores III, and after nearly 4 years, the ball is rolling.  

Phase 1 is 2016sf of park.  A skinny strip at 108x20'.  The park features a flat bar, a hand rail, a small stair set, a step-up gap, a wide-tight quarterpipe, a rainbow roller rail, two pump bumps, a fun box and a tall, mellow quarterpipe.  The dirt mounds provide a "widened" look at the park as BMX'ers are able to transfer right out of the concrete and land on the dirt mounds.

Phase 2 plans are in the process and include a bowl and more street obstacles, including a larger stair set, an a-frame and a long ledge.  Stay tuned!

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