Misiano Skateparks 2018™


Downingtown PA Skatespot

Breaking ground in Mid-August 2014, this 2200sf street plaza will put Downingtown on the map.  This will be our first PA skatepark!  We're very excited to hit the road and proud of Downingtown for seeing their efforts through in developing a skatepark!

The park location is in Downingtown's Kerr Park, along Pennsylvania Ave.

Phase 1 of the Downingtown Skatepark is complete!  

During our stay in Downingtown, we got a private tour of the Victory Beer Brewery by brewer/skater Josh Heald.

Lowe Riders Skate shop, the local skate shop in Downingtown PA, owned by Andy Lowe.

And we got to skate Sammy's pool (... somewhere in Pennsylvania)...

Owner, Tony Misiano getting some in the deepend at Sammy's (photo by Wes Terry)

Wes Terry (Skatepark Committee Chairman) and his son cut the ribbon!


Misiano Skateparks 2014