Misiano Skateparks 2018™

Nova Community Park , Ormond Beach FL



At 22,000 square feet, the Nova Community Park is the biggest skatepark in the area.  Completed March 9, 2015 with a grand opening of April 25, 2015, Ormond Beach FL is going to feel the excitement!  

The orginal park (12,100 sf) was built about 15 years ago by a local contractor.  About 5 years ago, we at Misiano Skateparks came in and re-built about 4000 square feet of the park, lifting up the North East corner and creating some flow and excitement in the park.  5 years later, we finally got to finish what we started.

We began by cutting a large trench into the existing park, right in front of the area that we had already remodeled.  This enabled us to blend down to that newer section with the new concrete and then we built the rest of the new park right over the old stuff!  Additionally, we added a stand-alone street plaza on the West end of the park, and a stand-alone mini spine ramp to the South.  To wrap it up, we added an 8' deep bowl complete with pool coping and tile and a few other flow elements that tie the whole thing together.  

The park will be open till 10pm, with lights, fencing, a pro shop, no pad rules, a water fountain and bathroom... all of the comforts of home!  

Located at 440 N. Nova Rd, Ormond Beach, FL  at the Nova Community Center.

Misiano Skateparks 2015!




Nearly 5 years after we did a phase 1 re-build of the Ormond Beach Skatepark, we're back to do phase 2!  Phase 2 will complete the park, with the re-building of the rest of the 10000 sf skate area (about 6000sf) plus the addition of about 5000 additional square feet of skate area, making the Ormond park the biggest in the area.  

The park will feature a street plaza with rails, ledges, manual pads and a pyramid.  And it will feature a lot of flow area, with pump bumps, banked walls, a snake run, bowled corners, pool coping, tile and a 20' long slappy curb!  

The official ground breaking ceremony was yesterday, November 3, 2014 and we'll be getting started next week.

Stay tuned for more...

Fields Hammond from San Antonio made all of the pool coping for this project, after making some great blocks for the Carrizo Springs project, and he personally drove them here from Texas.  First Texas coping in Florida!  

Update...  The park is nearing completion!  The bowl is underway, along with some other final touches like an oververt feature!