Misiano Skateparks 2018™

Forestgate Skatepark, The Woodlands, TX

Completed in September, 2011 for The Woodlands Township, TX, this complete re-design and re-build by Misiano Skateparks made an old "Skate Wave" metal ramp park that was falling apart into a super fun skatepark (one of 5 in the Township). At 9000 square feet, the park brings street and transition skaters together, making it  the most progressive skateparks in The Woodlands.

Custom tools such as the one shown above are necessary to make a perfect skatepark.  Most tools are handmade.  Our surfboard was made by Johnny Rogers, a surfboard shaper from NSB and younger brother of Clyde Rogers, 70's skater famed with "the Clyde-Slyde".

Forestgate Skatepark has no fence, no pad rules, no lights.  No fees.  One of 5 in the town!