Misiano Skateparks 2018™

Metro Skateboard Academy, Orlando FL

Metro Skateboard Academy was concieved by TJ Lanahan and Jeff Wood.  They wanted to make an indoor skate school that could train skateboarders.  Wood being an Olympic Gmynastics coach, wanted to take the same approach to skateboarding.  Misiano Skateparks provided the design and build phases.  The school is open and functioning, although it serves a lot of "open" session time as well for the non-school skaters, the park functions as an air conditioned, indoor skate summer camp in the morinings and features the best indoor wooden bowl in Florida, which is great during rainy season.   

Metro Skateboard Academy is located at 2369 LB McLeod Rd., Orlando, FL

Russian Birch Bowl with Penrose coping and steel, and a masonry block wallride.