Misiano Skateparks 2018™

Dunedin Tile Job, Sterling Skatepark, Dunedin, FL

In August 2014, we went to Dunedin Skatepark to fix it up.  The park was built by one of our competitors close to 10 years ago and it had seen some damage due to heavy use and also due to an older style of bond-beam construction, which allows for the steel coping to "shake loose".  Since then, most skatepark builders throughout the industry have changed their approach to include a solid bond beam that encases the steel more thoroughly and eliminates the "shake loose" factor..

BEFORE:  Along the steel coping edge throughout the flow bowl, there were many instances of blown out concrete which if let go, will spread and extend around the entire steel edge..

TThe blow out along the hip was pretty bad, extending almost 3" deep into the wall.

THE SOLUTION: The idea to cut in a tile stripe came up when we were there skating and seeing the blow outs.  Most of the blow outs were less than 3-4" down on the wall and we suggested the fix to the parks department.  At first, they went with the "low bidder" fix and had a guy come in and spot patch the bowl.  It was a disaster as most of the patching fell right out and much of it was done wrong and lapped over the steel coping, creating a smooth reveal or "no-ping", which is not the correct fix.

144 linear feet of grinding and chipping was necessary to prepare the bowl for a tile bed.

AFTER:  Once the tile bed was all chipped out and uniform, we were ready to set the tile!

The bowl is done!  Complete with over 200' of tile (including the original tile in the deep end).  It skates good, makes lots of noise (tile rumble) and it looks good!  Mission accomplished.