Misiano Skateparks 2017™

The Crew is how we do what we do...

We are an all skater company.  We work together, travel together and skate together.  Everyone has a different background and brings their own individuality to the mix, coming together to create the best skateparks we can.  Built with pride.  

Sarah Misiano- President, Office Manager, RFP and RFQ's, Leads.  Bid Submissions.

Tony Misiano- Vice President, General Contractor CGC1513874, Bid Preparation, Project Manger, Lead Designer and Onsite Project Manager.  Skateboarding and building things to skate since 1980 (first skateboard and first jobsite dumpster backyard ramp structure).  Tony heads up operations and first hand communication with the cities, states and other local government representatives.  A life long skateboarder, husband and father of 2.  Past skate sponsors included Waterworks/Bikes and Boards Skateshop, Madrid Skateboards and then later H-Street Skateboards.  Now Bones Wheels and Bearings.

Tony Misiano, Sr.- "Senior"-General Manager, Project Superintendent, Co Project Manager, Career Electrician, and Construction Supervisor, Material Accounts and Orders, Logistics.

Dan Mielke, PE - Professional Engineer, Structural Engineer - Dan Translates the drawings from Tony and puts them into AutoCAD and other 3-D formats.  Dan also designs high-end boats and yachts, skateboards, surfs in New Smyrna Beach and enjoys working with Tony's skatepark designs. 

Michelle Buck- Foreman of the #bluecrew, Michelle comes to us from a long history of building skateparks.  Joining us in 2014, along with boyfriend/Assistant Foreman Chris Lynch, they keep things running smooth and efficiently, while heading up a crew of 6-10.

Chris Lynch- Chris comes to us from St. Louis, MO, along with his partner in crime, Michelle Buck.  Chris is the assistant foreman/concrete nozzleman, and together he and Michelle work to make sure we have a great crew and that we are putting out the best parks we can.  Chris brings years of experience to the table and he never stops looking for abandoned pools to skate on his off time, owning the nickname "Show-Me Pools".  Chris and Michelle were also largely instrumental in the DIY construction of the infamous STL skate spot under the  "Kings Highway" bridge.

Other crew members include:  Ricardo Reinoso (welder/nozzle), Kaleb Yetter (welder/pump), John Stashick, Adam McKee, Andrew Williams (welder), Drew Karkos (welder/nozzle), Brett Turner (welder/nozzle), Kevin Lane , Matt Call, Joe Dirt, Scott Hughes, Chance Dillon, Jim Wurst and more ..                       



Owner Tony Misiano at Lake Helen Ramp around 87. photo by Eric Lum

Tony Misiano circa 1986, Skating for Madrid Skateboards.  Lake Helen, FL.

 Tony Misiano, Harpers Landing Bowl, 2012.  Photo by Kevin Lane

Tony Misiano, New Smyrna Beach 2011 Photo by Kim Rhodes

Tony Misiano, Titusville Skatepark Construction Test run. 2009 Photo by Drew Karkos.

Tony Misiano, Wethersfiled CT 2003.  Photo by Bill Helene

Tony Misiano, Owls Head Skatepark, Brooklyn 2000.  Photo by Ryan Crase.



We'd like to thank Bones Wheels and Bearings for their continued support.  Ride SPF's!